Fiat 500 Sport 2012

Listened to your great show on Saturday, Oct 8th and loved the discussion you had with the VW Bug lady! Your advice for her to buy a new Fiat 500 was perfect! I just wanted to share that I just did purchase a new 2012 Fiat 500 Sport and it’s an absolute kick! It is fun to drive, cute and very stable. Mind you I gave up my VW GTI Mark VI ! But hey who needs a 200 hp Turbo? I got too many speeding tickets. Well, I highly recommend this cute little car. It has a serious “Fun Factor” and gets all the looks, in addition to two sets of golf bags and all the weekend necessities that fit great in the cargo area. And, it looks great in the driveway next to the Smart Car and the 1978 Porsche 911 SC!

Keep up the great show! We recently enjoyed lunch in Cambridge, which is a far cry from Reno, Nevada!


I have a minor quibble with one statement you made when suggesting the Fiat 500. You said you have no financial interest in Fiat. As a former Fiat 128 owner, I respectfully suggest that every mechanic has a financial interest in Fiat sales. The more Fiats sold, the bigger the boats owned by auto mechanics.

Maybe Fiats have improved. But they still have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do to convert people who have owned their prior hand grenades.


To smonsalve, I am not considering any car recommendations from someone who drives a Smart Car.

Be nice. He also has a '78 911SC.

Fiat deserves a second chance. I’ll reserve judgement until I get to drive one.

Always thought of Fiats as disposable cars. From what I’ve read, they are being built in the Mexican plant that built the Neon.
So… Chrysler–not known for quality. Fiat–really not know for quality. For the owner’s sake, I hope this is a great car and that Chrysler and Fiat are turning it around, but history is not on their side.

Every Fiat I’ve had has always been prone to problems, and ended up being worked on nearly as much as being driven (OK, I’m exaggerating some). That, rust, and having about as much power as my wife’s Singer would ensure I’d steer clear.

I worry about the safety factor of something that small, too. I know, I know, it may be a lot better than in years past - what with all the improvements in safety - but up against the 2500 pickup everyone here seems to love, or the Expedition? Did I hear someone say “crushed aluminum can”??

The Fiat 500 is built in Toluca. The PT cruiser was built there before, along with the Journey which continues. Neons were built in Belvidere IL.

The 500 is a top safety pick by the IIHS. The IIHS does address small car safety in some of their publications. I think the IIHS estimates small cars as 15% more dangerous than average. NHTSA will crash a 500 soon.

Closest Fiat dealership(sorry, STUDIO as they call it on their website) is 50 miles from my place. I dunno if our local Dodge dealership will carry them eventually or not.