Feels like its flooded from a stop

This is what I’ve had done this week: replaced fuel pump /filter, replaced mas(?) air flow, replaced catalytic converters(4), lof, tranny service.

When I ease on the gas the car just jerks along like it’s flooded 'til about 30 mph then it’s fine. If I give a healthy goose to the pedal the lugging is detectable but not so pronounced. No stalling, just no power. It’s 312k now. P71.

Why do you keep posting this over and over. Your first post was replied to, go to it.
Repeating a post many times makes most of us not want to answer it.

Do you think you’re running on all 8 cylinders? Could be a lot of things, especially at 312K miles. Did you do any compression test? How are the fuel injectors, spark plugs, and maintenance items.

He knows that. He replied to one of them at 7:28 and then posted about 8 more after that. He’s flooding the board on purpose to be obnoxious. A mod needs to come in, ban him, and delete all his posts.

Okay fuel compression, will check timing chain, plugs 6 mo “new” and, check injectors, I’m on it. This helps so much. Thanks.