Faint dragging sound driving low speed from starting up car but went away after some time with a passing gas or farting like event

Posting this brought up similar posts, which suggested checking brakes, heat shield, wheel bearings, fender liner.

In my case it’s a bit strange. This happened one afternoon on a heat wave hot day. The car was parked out in the sun with just a little bit of shade but not much, it was getting sun as well.

I had driven the car for quite some miles (road trip) and parked it to go for lunch. Starting it up and driving off (low speed), with windows down to vent out the heat, hear the faint (low volume) dragging sound. It only happens on driving. I stopped to look, thinking hoping the muffler was ok, as I saw someone’s muffler fall apart before from a car accident.

Everything looked ok, and driving some more, eventually the noise went away after some puttering like passing gas / farting. Perhaps whatever being passed out was causing the noise.

This has never happened before to my now 13 year old car with 120k+ miles on it. Just curious to what the issue might have been. It’s now running fine since that time two weeks back or so.

If you include the make and model of that car, you might get responses with greater relevance.

Sorry, couldn’t select it from the drop down menu for some reason when I submitted the post. It’s a Suzuki Forenza 2006 sedan.

I had a problem like that on my Rabbit one time, caused when the cylinders had gasoline in them from piror testing. The burping (farting) sound seemed to be a sort of backfire into the air intake system. If this occurs when first starting out after the car has been sitting, you may have a faulty fuel injector which is allowing gasoline to leak into the cylinder. I wouldn’t refer to the first symptom as “dragging” but more of a faint put-put-put exhaust sound. Then the other louder sound in the engine compartment.