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Failures at 50,000 miles

I now have replaced both emission control valves and the secondary air pump - all between 50,000 and 55,000 miles. Is this a standard problem with the turbo Forester, or with turbos in general?

I am becoming more and more a skeptic of Subaru’s. Don’t know if your problem is common, but it shouldn’t be happening. Any of this covered under any mfg. warranty? I now am down on Volvo’s and Subaru’s. Two brands that just seem to be troublesome and expensive to repair.

Give us some more info about your paticular case. What engine code(s) were present,who did the diagnosis? what exactly was wrong with each part replaced.

We don’t want to make conclusions if your situation is based upon a overzealous parts replacer.

Don’t simply say,“no details,the Dealer did it” What about warranty,parts sometimes get replaced with a “story” rather than fact (what ever you can get Subaru to believe). I do see your mileage, were you denied warranty due to over the mileage limit? did you appeal for “goodwill”?

46000 miles CEL and Cruise lights on. Subaru Dealer couldn’t find reason. Local shop checked P2443/P2431/P2433 ad said secondary air switching valve was stuck. Part not in USA. One month later they replaced 14864AA20 at 48273 miles ( $400+ ). Light on again at 52000 miles. Called Subaru. Subaru dealer checked P0410/P2440/P1410 and said 14864AA030 bad. Part not in USA Subaru agreed to pay for it. Part installed ( $400+ ) . Lights on again at 55000 miles. Dealer said P410 was bad 14828AA030 ($700+). Part not in USA. Called Subaru. They agreed to pay for it. Now waiting for part to arrive. VERY frustrating!!

You didn’t say how old the car is, but all emissions parts are covered by a mandatory 8 year 80,000 mile warranty, imposed by your US government.

The only parts covered out to 8yr 80K are the ECU and the catalytic converter and then with restrictions.

it’s a 2006. I paid for the first repair because I didn’t feel I could trust a Subaru dealer that couldn’t find the problem. Other then that, I really can’t fault the XT or Subaru. What really bugs me is that none of these parts are in the USA - it takes three to four weeks for the dealer to get them - then another week before he installs them. It’s odd when repair parts are not in the USA.

In reality the turbo Subaru engine is significantly more reliable than the regular 4 cylinder model. A turbo Subaru is a very reliable car.

Your engine may take a while for parts since the 2.5L turbo version for the Forester is completely unique and was not shared with Subaru WRX nor Legacy GT/Outback XT(turbo models). Incredible engine with gobs of torque.

This board is plastered with Subaru problems however they all are related to non-turbo cars.

Call the regional Subaru representative, and pitch a fit in a intelligent kind of way. Perhaps they will meet you half way with the cost.

                            Good Luck

Thanks for the advice. I’ll wait until the latest part is installed and see whether it finally cures the problem. In what way is the Forester turbo emission system different then all the other Subarus?

By the way, the 2010 outback also has a turbo version- to show up later this year. Will this turbo also be different ???

Well - The dealer installed the latest part, and the fix lasted 3 days. Now both the CEL and the Cruise lights are on again. I’ll have to go back to the dealer for an “official” diagnosis before Subaru will consider having an area rep go over the car.

It seem that it’s a progressive failure - they fix one part of the emission control system and the part after that fails - so far four in a row. I seem to have the only XT turbo that’s shown this sequence, Let’s see what happens now.

Just FYI, here is a pretty good link that talks about what the government covers as emissions parts: