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Failed Smog Test in CA

I purchased a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire and had it shipped from out of state. I am certain that the car was well taken care of because the previous owner was my father. I replaced the battery when in arrived. I took it to a smog test station. It failed and I was told that it failed because there was not enough data in the car’s computer. Why would this cause a smog test failure?

You have to use the car for at least a few days so that all the monitors are in ready status and have checked the systems. The systems have to pass the tests after that. Retest it in a couple days.

The computer lost the data when the battery died or was replaced without using a temporary power supply. The system has to prove that it works properly.

Makes sense. I thought that it was just testing VOC content in the exhaust. Obviously not. Thanks.

Usually for newer cars the california smog test just checks your comptuer… when you replaced the battery the car’s comptuer reset istself so if you haven’t driven on the highway it’s got no highway data etc… Drive it around… put some highway and street miles on it… then get it tested