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Failed smog test after adjusting timing -- help!

Yes, I plan on looking into this further. What I want to determine first – and perhaps I need this from a Nissan expert – is whether my car needed to “relearn” new parts after the tuneup. (I went back for the smog retest shortly after tuneup – having only driven it perhaps 8 miles since the work.) Could that have caused the huge jump in numbers? Could it be that they ran the car too HOT or too cold? Either way, I will send a letter to the BBB, CARB and DMV. It seems there’s no way I can determine who is at fault, but something is definitely not right. The new mechanic checked many possible problems and found nothing wrong with my car.

You just need to alert the CARB that you think that there may be something amiss at the emissions test station. They have the people, and tools, to take it from there.