Factory tires worn out

I have a 2016 forte lx+ and noticed last week that my back tires have worn out. The only things I can think of that might cause this is an alignment issue or possible wheel bearing issue. The wear is even. Millage on the tires is 66804 km. The right front was changed back in August due to sidewall damage.

Do you ever have the tires rotated? I ask this because front wheel drive cars like this usually wear out the front tires much faster than rears.

If these are original tires it is time for all four new ones anyway. Are you saying the front still have plenty of tread and the back ones don’t?

I haven’t since I bought the car in August of last year at 21452km with it now being just shy of 67000kn. I am rotating the fronts to the back and putting two new tires on the front and buying two new ones for the back in a few weeks so it’s not as big of a single expense

The fronts are at about 45% and have some life left in them…the rears are down to the west bars.

The guidelines are to always put the new tires on the rear of vehicle if only buying two new tires. That is because of hydroplaning. The tire shop might not even put them on the front even if you ask. Do a search and look for one of the buy 3 get one free tire deals or as we did bought four and got a 100.00 gift card.

I was always told put the newest tires on the drive wheels which on my Kia are the front. I love live in the country and have a tight budget due to other repairs on the car from having a police officer hitting my car . That money for those repairs were for new tires both all season and winter.

That is no longer true . Also most tires dealers have same as cash deals so getting four tires at once should not be a problem .

If the rear tires are the original equipment tires is a little early but not impossible that they are just worn out in the normal course of driving. You seem to drive a lot. Do you carry lots of stuff in the trunk, or drive on rough or winding roads? When you buy new tires look at the tread wear ratings stamped on the tires for higher numbers. Performance tires have better grip on corners and maneuvering, but they wear out faster.

I’d bet those rear tires were on the front before you bought it and were rotated back.

If the wear is even, don’t worry about it so much. I’d consider getting all 4 new tires at the same and having the alignment checked at that time. Many shops will include a free alignment if you buy 4 new tires at the same time.

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Actuall yes on the winding roads which are sometimes rough. My trunk has some camera fear and a survival bag and some tools in it. And I do drive a lot for my side job. I am getting uniroyal tigerpaw with a 91t rating to replace the nexen ones on the car currently. I truly just need a decent touring tire as I am not looking for performance tires.

That was most likely the case as the one on the right front was damaged when I picked the car up and I had it replaced right away.

That’s a bit over 45k miles. Which is not bad at all for OEM tires. Chances are they are just worn out. I’d replace all four if it were me. If it makes you feel any better the factory tires on my Mustang lasted about 18500 KM (11.5k miles).

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It was a rental before I bought it. Ouch hence why I would never buy a newer mustang

I knew the factory tires weren’t going to last that long when I bought the car. My previous daily driver (also a Mustang), usually from around 25k miles (40000 km), to around 30k miles (48000 km) on a set of tires. The tires that came on my new one were Pirelli P-Zeros which offer very good warm weather grip, but have low 220 treadwear rating, and were useless when the temperature dropped below 50F (10C).

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I’ve had to replace original equipment tires before 60K so this is pretty normal and they were Michelins. I rotate every 6-10K to even wear. There is always the chance you need an alignment and I had a car that was off from the transport from day one.

We have had the argument before about where to put the new tires and I think it is safe to say it is not settled science regardless of who says what so I never buy just two tires anymore and just get all four. So buy four new tires, get an alignment, and rotate them.

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That is the plan though the one that needs changing due to a leak. Only reason why I know they are worn. I will ask about the alignment the next time I go in.