Factory recall

I’m thinking of buying a 2001 Subaru Outback. There wsa a factory recall on the headgaskets from 99-2002. It’s stillunder warranty and they have put the ‘conditioner’ in it. Should I be weary of buying a vehicle that has two recalls(the other part was the thermostat)and If I do purchase this car, shouls I take it to the dealership and have them replace the head? It’s still under warranty.

If the recall work has been done, then it’s fine (or finer, anyway.) If not, make sure the dealer does the recall work. Or look for another vehicle.

Are you buying it from the original owner or a dealer? If it is the first owner, ask if the recall work was done. The dealer might also know; ask they why they are sure it was done if they say it was. If the recalls were fixed, it should be OK. I’ve had recalls on two or three cars and never had trouble with the recall fixes.

if you can get the work done at the dealers free, why worry?
But before you buy the car, ask the dealer to verify that they will do the work for no charge.

How many miles on the car and what type of warranty are you talking about? A dealer warranty, extended warranty, or the “warranty” about the head gasket problem?

Not all engines are covered by the extended warranty and I think only the single overhead cam engines are covered.
Recall is really not the proper term for this problem; service campaign is the phrase used. Word quibbling I agree but it does make a difference.

That service bulletin specifies 8 years/100k miles maximum and JMHO here, but adding a conditioner (a.k.a. stop leak product) is nothing more than a way of buying time and trying to get someone over that magical 100k mark.

Check the NHTSA web site for safety related recall text and alldata.com for recall titles w/o text unless you want to pay.

the headgasket warranty is for coolant leaks only, not oil. also, you can’t take it in and ask to have your headgaskets replaced. if they aren’t leaking, the dealer can’t and won’t do squat.

Please dodge the Subaru. It’s used, it’s not dead but why worry about head gaskets when you can cure the problem now. If you don’t need their all wheel drive, pick something that gets better gas mileage.

I would avoid pre 2002 Outbacks unless 6 cylinder. Head gaskets(HG) are iffy. Any year turbo/6 cyl and post 2002 4 cylinder don’t have this issue(HG) in significant #'s.

They put the conditioneer in at the dealership. so there’s paperwork to verify it. Original owner.

Are you a previous owner? What about a 2002 outback. It has 85, 816 miles on it. 1 owner. The initial car I asked you about has 1 owner and 79, 400 miles.