Facing problem with my Audi Car

When I start my Audi car it runs on few seconds. However when i take it for dealers they said there is no such problem in battery. So what should i do now, my car is not running properly.

“When I start my Audi car it runs on few seconds”

I have no idea of exactly what that means.
Are you trying to tell us that the engine runs only for a few seconds, and then it stalls?
Or, are you trying to tell us that the engine “runs on”–which means that it keeps running even after you turn the ignition off?
In any event, neither of those scenarios would have anything to do with the battery.

If I don’t understand what you are trying to describe, perhaps the folks at the Audi dealership don’t understand it either.

Can you try to be more specific regarding the symptoms?
And, please tell us the model year and odometer mileage of your car, as well as whether it is still under warranty.

Hmm… a wierdly worded question and tagged “wholesaler in Canada Muffler Express” ? Wonder what it all means.

But that aside I think it means it is taking longer than usual to start. Could be the car is just getting old. Since no year is mentioned I am guessing it is a 1973, and the OP should be glad it even runs. But that is strictly a guess.

I cannot understand the question at all. And the poster failed to give us the model, mileage, or anything else about the car.

Pvt, that was a good observation. I’m going to guess that this is a car the OP took in in his wholesale operation and he’d like some free assistance to get it running so he can resell it to some poor… person.

If my assumptions are incorrect, give us the information we need and I’ll be happy to try to help. If I’m wrong you’ll have my apology.


We know that the vehicle is an Audi and it has a starting problem that the dealer cannot find or solve. Please tell us which Audi model it is and what model-year.

Some problems can be specific to model and model-year. A 2010 TT could have different problems than a 2002 A-4. Some problems are not common to a certain group of vehicles, in which case a better description of the problem is helpful.

“So what should i do now, my car is not running properly.”

  1. You could try another dealer or a good independent shop.
    2 ) If the car was left with a mechanic to drive for a day, perhaps over-night, she or he could have a better chance of experiencing the problem first-hand.


This was the OP’s first/other posting on this site and she never came back to clear up the confusion in that one.

“My ford car in not running properly. I have fix my broken cylinder from the car wholesale repair and dealer, but it is now completely broken down. Suggest me what to do next”

We would be happy to help, if she would only give us some feedback.

But I doubt that this person is really interested, or if it’s a honest question to begin with.


Yep, freshman composition. Are you talking about the starter motor continuing to run after the engine starts? If so you need a new starter and solenoid, not battery.