F350 Ford Diesel

Loud Metallic Noise. Not accessory. Thinking timing Chain. Just changed oil and filter. Stuck in NC trying to get back to VA on limited funds.

Tell us the specifics: year, engine size, and any more details of the symptoms. Where on the engine is the noise (top, back, side, bottom)? Does it change with rpm? Have you looked at engine for anything obvious? etc?

YOU changed the oil and filter, or, did you have it changed? Check the engine oil level.

2001 F-350 7.3 turbo diesel. Metalic niose niose during idle, sound seems to be in the front part of the engine, and gose away when the accellrator is applied. Removed the surpentine belt, to check for accessory noises, noise did not go away

I changed the iol and filter

Do you have a piece of hose that you can listen to the engine and determine if the noise in in the front top, or the front bottom, of the engine?
Try this Ford forum. You may find more Ford truck people there: http://ford.justanswer.com/Ford-F-150?r=ga|1|Cars|Ford+F150&JCRN=Ford+Mechanics&JCLT=&JRA=&CC=&JPSE=ga&JPAC=1&JPCM=Cars&JPAG=Ford+F150&JPCT=gacar&JPKW=ford%20f%20150%20truck&JPDC=C&JPST=www.fordforums.com&JPAD=1707466683&JPAF=txt&JPCD=20081106-1&JCTY=none&JPLN=none&JPOP=none&gclid=CIygifaE4pcCFQG7Ggode16L7A

We are quite sure that it is not a rod knock so it is the upper part of the engine

Wrist pin? Did you use the same weight oil for this change? Engine warmed-up or cold for this noise to appear? Does it go away after the engine really warms up? Sometimes the parts will expand after warm-up and the noise will go away . . it that the case for you? Rocketman

Injector problems on Diesel engines can sound exactly like a rod knock.

It does it cold or hot. Dont know about the wrist pin without taking it completely apart and doing a complete over haul. Same weight oil was used.

Great suggestion. I am not quite sure how to check this out. Any suggestions…we really need to get home.

Injector removal with leak testing and fuel atomization observation.I don’t know if there is a way to do this on the vehicle (identify exactly which one is the offending injector)

I know how to do that when it concerns the intake but the leak testing I am not quite sure…Does anyone know how to test for this. It will be much cheaper if this is the problem rather then the fly wheel or a defective torque converter

OKKOK…Thanks for all the help but after a more specific evaluation on the truck, we have determined it is clearly in the bottom of the engine. We have also noted that we were a couple qts low on transmission fluid. Gonna top that off. Any other suggestions now that we know it is on the bottom???

Let’s us know how this concern was pinpointed as a bottom end problem. I would like to add it to my “tool box”

I took the torque converter dust cover off to check for cracks in the flex plate. I did not see any cracks. While the dust cover was off, I started the motor and got back under the car and the noise was excessive leading us to believe that it indeed is the torque converter which needs to be replaced.

Thanks again all. We are taking it to a repair shop in the morning to validate.