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F350 electrical problem

I have a 2004 F350. About 85,000 miles. 6L diesel.

A few weeks ago, while I am driving the radio goes dead and the ABS and airbag warning lights come on. The next day the batteries are dead. Engine will not crank. I take it to the dealer and tell them that it seems like there is a pwer draw when the car is off. They say bad batteries (the batteries are about two years old) and they replace the batteries. They also tell me I have a bad EGR (this was also replaced about two years ago) and they replace this as well.

A week after I get the truck back, the same sequence of events happen and I have a dead truck.


Did you have a “load” check done on your alternator? It sounds like your charging system is either weak or you have a parasitic drain on your batteries. New batteries should not go dead without cause. You need a good mechanic to check out your truck. I would avoid your dealership.