F150 transmission issues

My truck has a very specific hesitatation/failure to engage at 1300 rpm and 45-55 mph. I took it to a reputable national chain that specializes in transmissions thinking this should be a very specific issue that I was able to catch early. After $2,300 for a “transmission rebuild” with new torque converter, I have the exact symptoms. How is this possible? Did I just pay for unneeded repairs, did the shop possibly not do anything and charged me for a rebuild or could it be I needed $2,300 in transmission work that had no symptoms and there are more repairs needed?

The national chains are all garbage… Let me refraze that, most are just crooks. Some are ok, but not many. All they want to do is sell you repairs you don’t need. I was a freshman in school and took my car to the local aamco. Bottom line is $750 later for a torque converter, and my car needed a $20 spark plug wire set.

Any way let’s assume the trans has been rebuilt and done correctly. Have you tuned up your truck recently?? Any codes?? What exactly are the symptoms??

At the very least you need to provide a model year. The F150 has been around a long time.

As gsragtop mentions, “transmission,” “national chain,” and “reputable” are not easily put in the same sentence. Also, a better description of the actual symptom would be good. It hits 1300 rpm at 45-55 and what? The engine revs up? It bucks? Shudders? At 1300 rpm we’ll have to assume a lack of hard acceleration? Just a coasting/leveling pf speed with light throttle? What if you stomp the throttle at that point? What made you think it was a transmission issue? What specific diagnosis did the shop give? Have you brought it back to them, and if so what did they say?

All of the rest of the trucks maintenance info would also be good.

We need to know more about this “specific hesitation/failure to engage” you are experiencing. This is probably a part-throttle driveability problem caused by your engine electronics or EGR system, not a transmission problem. In fact, my sister recently brought her car to me with what she described as a transmission problem that turned out to be an EGR issue, and she’s more knowledgeable of car issues than most men. I hate to say it, but you probably had your transmission needlessly rebuilt by this “reputable” national chain. By the way, their specialty is all too often rebuilding transmissions whether they need rebuilt or not.

Also, more info on the vehicle would also be helpful. Model year, engine size, transmission model (should be on your receipt for the rebuild, I would hope), maintenance/repair history, check engine light on or off, etc.

I had a problem with a 2002 Chevy Malibu doing something similar. At highway speeds, there was a slight “jerking” that I could feel. I was convinced the transmission was about shot or something else dire. Turns out the spark plugs and wires needed to be replaced. It ran like a champ after that.

Good luck with your situation.

A very close look at the scope pattern of the throttle position sensor might indicate that the fault lies there.

Is this a mechanical AOD C6 or ??? The AOD’s always feel funky due to the Ravigneaux and implicit lockup converter; there is no lockup clutch but indeed there is a shaft (direct) coupled to the converter’s shell effectively making a "partially locked gear conbination starting in 3rd. Anyhow, the shift scheduling 3rd to 4th and back has always had a very delayed almost unresponsive chracteristic. Anyhow, it does feel like a 2 second lack of throttle response in its NORMAL operating mode. It does this to prevent O/D band nd direct clutch burning. I never liked it but always understood it…its a trait of the beast. If you don’t have this AOD transmission then there should be NO reason for any of the other possible transmissions to be responsible for a “hesitation” uder any circumstances.