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F150 sputters in all gears

Yes my 98 f150 sputters in every gear like it’s not getting gas I replaced the fuel filter twice now I fixed my PCV valve I’m going to change my EGR valve but I think it is my injectors it just seems like it’s not getting enough gas I changed my spark plugs my spark plug wires but it seems that everytime I fix something it causes 10 more problems the reason I don’t want to try and fix the injectors right away it’s because I don’t want to pull everything off and not be able to make it to work this is my only vehicle for me and my family is there any other way I can check to see if my injectors are good without having to pull off stuff

Are there any check engine lights? If so, get us the codes. They will be a number something like P0420.

I have a 1997 F-250 Light Duty which is kinda like your 1998 but really not like any other Ford ever made. Talk about a pain. I have it running well now but went through some of the same nonsense you are when I first got it.

If it is the injectors, you may have a misfire. My guess is that only ONE injector is causing this IF it is in fact the injectors. One may be bad or dirty.

Check the fuel pressure as well. The fuel pump on my truck was going out and the fuel pressure regulator was bad as well. They have loaner tools at Autozone and such to test fuel pressure and that is what I used.

You might have an oxygen sensor that has gone offline. I had that and the truck ran terrible.

I keep remembering all the things that went wrong. The crank position sensor was bad and that could be your problem as well.

There were a lot of things wrong with my truck when I got it. I thought I was getting a good deal but could have bought a newer nicer truck for what it took to get it running right. It is a great farm truck though.

Remember, GET US THE CODES from any check engine lights if there are any. That will help a lot as a lot of different things can cause the issues you describe.

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Get out the motor manual and volt/ohm meter and test all the controls and sensors and as the other person said check for trouble codes. Electronic module adjusts for anything out of spec and the sensors etc are the culprits there. Check ignition coils first