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F150 computer/ECM Recognition

I have 1989 f150 with a 5.0/ 302.

I have recently removed it, this wiring harness, due to a custom vehicle I’m building, now before I pulled this engine the computer had gone bad and finally just stopped working. the question that I ask is all the computers I’m looking at have only a couple numbers different, so what do at the numbers in sequence mean and will a different computer work for this engine?

Check with some Ford truck forums. Those guys can help you out much better. The most important part of these older computers are the EEPROM chip. They contain the correct information for your truck, the engine and transmission set-up. Most of the computers are interchangeable, but you need to swap that chip to insure it will work like the old one. It is typically under an access plate on the top of the computer case.

Hay, thanks man, you’ve got me on a good track, I didn’t know what exactly was the swop on those computers! Thanks again!