Extended Warranty


Are you sure that they didn’t give your SO a good deal on the extended warranty, only to screw her on some other part of the sale?

Quite. I was there. She agreed on the price of the car first. Then she negotiated the clear bra / warranty package. The total she paid was the agreed-on price of the car + the package (plus tax/title/license, of course). They didn’t even charge her a prep fee. And they didn’t lowball her on the trade-in either, because she didn’t trade her old car in. Sold it privately.


The Rogue comes with a 5/60 powertrain warranty, so the addon warranty is 2/40. I don’t view that as overly significant, especially since in modern cars, it’s far more likely that the bumper-bumper stuff is gonna crap out before the engine does.

The Rogue comes with a 3/36 bumper-bumper warranty, which is what I was basing my comment off of. As such, you’re paying 2 grand to extend that by 4 years, whereas she paid less than that to extend her warranty by 5 years AND got the clear bra.

@shadowfax 0 a Rogue is a Nissan. Is that what your SO got?

@texases no, it’s what OP got.

Oh. I was referring to your OP’s low cost warranty.

Who’s on first?