Expensive light bulb change

Here’s the article:

“There is no clear-cut, standout technology winner among among HID, LED, and xenon headlights. While there are poor and very good performers in each variety, none produces greater forward-seeing distances than the others. Based on our testing, the differences depend on the car, not the headlight technology.”

I liked the article, and I agree with its conclusions, but I do wish they’d pointed out in the summary that different “grades” of an individual technology bulb can make a big difference. I found that changing to Silverstar Ultras made a huge difference.

I also wish they’d included a comment about cost in their summation. Cost can vary widely, even within a particular type of bulb. Silverstar Ultras are a lot more expensive than the “standard” grade, although they’re both quartz-halogen bulbs, especially when you factor in their reduced operating hours. Other bulb technologies cane be far, far more costly. These points matter to the average consumer.

While it is difficult if not impossible to detect the difference between HID and LED lighting in the shop when checking headlights they are significantly brighter than halogen lamps.

some of them are too dmmm bright if you ask me! Blinding the oncoming traffic does not make one safer. Even LED tail lights these days are awful at a stop light at night. And don’t get me started on the flashies the Troopers seem to favor these days …

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