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Exoert ipinion/old car/olderdriver

I am still working full time, but I am 73 so who knows how much longer I can continue? My Mitsubishi Lancer WAGON (there are few of these)is 6. I did the timing belt change. It has 62,000 plus miles on it. It is a nice blue, but has lots of dings and scratches which would be a few grand to fix up and which make trade in much less. QUESTION: Is it worth getting those fixed and keeping the car, getting those fixed to trade in. or just not getting them fixed either way? I don’t think I should start new car payments all over again. I AM OLD! Yet I drive for a living as a nurse seeing patients in their homes and need a dependable car. Someone said the back wheels are leaning inward!Is that bad? I need an expert’s opinion, which begs the question, why am I asking you???

IMHO it isn’t worth getting the dings and scratches fixed. The smart thing to do is keep the car. Any scratches that go through to metal should be touched up with a brush-on touch up paint from the parts store in order to prevent rust.

Yes, the back wheels leaning in should be checked out.

I would not bother with the body just get rearend checked and any repairs up to date and drive it.
If the body bothers you that bad just get a newer car