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Exhaust pipe smoke only when startin 2003 Camry

2003 Camry with 141,000 miles. Last 3 months when I start it in the morning, I can see white/gray smoke coming from exhaust for about 20 seconds, then it ends. Car is running no differently … I’m wondering if it’s a PVC or there is an issues with transmission or antifreeze getting into engine via some sort of gasket leak.

I am curious. Do you have the inline 4 or the V6 engine in this Camary?

It’s common to have some slight oil leakage past the valve seals with the V6 - mine has done it for years, doesn’t burn any significant volume of oil and passes emissions tests with no problem. Keep an eye on your oil use, see if it goes up.

4cyl … no increase in oil usage, though at last oil change the Jiffy Lube recommended replacing the oil pan gasket, but there is not oil spots under where I park the car. The smoke doesn’t appear throughout the day, as I am a salesman and I start the car 8 or 9 times a day and the smoke doesn’t come out then, just after it sits overnight.

If you can, avoid your local Jiffy Lube like the plague. They’re pretty well known for not getting the job done right.

Do you know what oil they’ve been using, btw? Your Camry calls for 5W-30, or even 0W-30 (at no point should it have a -40, really), so hopefully they’ve at least been using the right weight oil.