Exhast from heater

When I turn on my heater fan, I begin to smell exhast after about 15 minutes. Then I have to turn off the fan or croak. I only have 48,000 on the original miles but had the belt changed because the car is a 1996. The timing belt changed 2 months ago then began to smell the exhast. What can cause this problem? Thanks for any help.

You have an exhaust leak that is leaking into the ventilation system. This has nothing to do with the belt change. Have the car checked for an exhaust leak NOW. Even without running the heater, you may be exposing yourself to elevated levels of carbon monoxide, which may KILL YOU. DO NOT HESITATE. I know it is cold, but drive this car to a shop with the windows down. Bundle up, wear a scarf and gloves, but trust me: get this looked at NOW. This is a dangerous situation.

The heater blower motor may be overheating and causing the smell. I believe that it isn’t likely that you are smelling engine exhaust although it is still a possibility. I hope it has just been the blower motor. When removed, it may show peeling paint or the motor will smell burnt.

If this happened right after the timing belt change, take it back to that shop and have them find out what they did. This is DANGEROUS. There is an exhaust leak somewhere, and even when the fan’s off some still could be getting in.

To rule out the blower motor:
turn on the ignition but don’t start the motor
turn on the heater fan, wait to see if it smells.

When they changed the timing belt they had to remove a motor mount and support the engine.
There’s some shifting of the engine position involved.
This shift maybe cracked the 15 y.o. exhaust pipe that goes down from the engine to the underside of the car.

Thanks < I bringing it back to the shop that did the timing belt and I will not be driving it this weekend.

Good post. I forgot to think of that test.