Excessive tire pressure loss upon temperature drop

One of my tires loses way more pressure, 5-15 lbs, after a temp drop than any other tire. This issue existed with my previous set of tires and has continued with a new set. So do I have a bad wheel or something? Note that there is no pressure loss during cold or warm weather when temps are stable. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

What you describe really doesn’t make sense to me. Regardless, it appears that you have a leak of some sort, so you could start by spraying soapy water on the tire and valve and looking for bubbles.

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What does the tire shop have to say about this ? You may have a prankster with too much time on their hands.


You can loose a pound of air a month and a pound of air for every one degree drop in temp depending on the tire and wheel… Normal…

Possibly corroded wheels in the bead area… If the tires are new then it can make the leak worse on a corroded bead, a nice new smooth bead of a tire will not seat as well as the old bead that was already seated in the corrosion…
Probably need to clean the bead (wire wheel) and use bead seal or have the wheels reconditioned… And if it is leaking around a corroded bead then the less air pressure in the tire the faster it will leak, the air pressure is pushing the tire bead against the corroded wheel bead, so the less pressure the faster the leak…

You can check for leaks yourself or take it to a tire shop and have them check it out for you… again just one of many possibility’s…

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I’d guess there’s small leak at the tire’s bead, where the tire meets the rim. You could probably prove it, if you are the experimenting type. Remove the tire, place it on a surface, shim as required, so it is perfectly horizontal. Check w/a home builder’s bubble level. Use a paintbrush to apply soapy water all the way around the bead, 360 degrees. The rim will hold a little puddle of the soapy water. If there’s a leak it will show up, may take a few hours, as a patch of really tiny bubbles somewhere in the puddle along the rim. Check the other side the same way. If you confirm a bead leak, you can ask again here how to solve it.

It is a curious thing for me. Maybe a year tpms alerted me to right front low. 2 years ago one of the rear low. last week right rear low it was at the end of the day so did not check other tires… Then next morning left rear low. Springtime so no major temp changes. No issues over winter in WI. 7 psi low sets off the monitor. My other car never had to pump up the tires. both 2017

I have to re-inflate two of my truck’s tires from time to time, maybe every 6 months, but never have to do that on my Corolla. Just one of those car mysteries.