Evaporator removal 1999 Dodge Ram


How do I remove the dash board from a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500?


[b]For this job? You need ALLDATA!

Most public library’S have free access to the ALLDATA database. This will show you what’s involved in removing the evaporator. If there’s not a library nearby, then you might want to go to the ALLDATA site and see if it’s worth the money for this information.

But if you’re up to doing this, are you prepared to recharge the system correctly once you’re done?



Thanks. Yes I am prepared to do it right. The shop where I first took the Dodge is taking the refrigerant out and disconnecting the lines. I will remeove the evaporator and return to the shop with a new one and they will vac. and recharge.


Don’t be surprised if step one is “Remove Windshield”. Not all cars require this, but many do…Good Luck.