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Evaporator Core/ AC question


Hi there:), new to cartalk
When the AC went out in my car, the clutch engaged so i know it had refrigerant. i hooked up one of those gauges that attaches to a can of refrigerant. The gauge read that the system was overcharged so i didnt add anymore.then i used a set of manifold gauges, the low side had a high reading, and the high side had a low reading. After recovering the refrigerant i checked the expansion valve and evaporator core . The Expansion valve looked fine (but honestly i wouldnt know if it was broken or not), but the evaporator looked pretty dirty.
QUESTION : is there a way to clean an evaporator core , and if not what else could be causing the AC to fail?
Also in the picture i attached, what is that wire connected to? is it a sensor? if so, could that be a cause of my AC not working?

What were the readings?

I believe the wire running along near the top of the evap core is the thermistor that senses freezing conditions and turns the compressor off. I don’t think it would cause your problem.

Sounds like a failed compressor to me.


dont remember the exact numbers but the low side was at around 60 or 70 psi and the high side was at like 80 or 85 psi

If the compressor clutch is engaged and those are your pressure readings, the system is slightly low on charge and your compressor has failed.

You are now in the “take it to an expert” area. Find a good a/c shop in you area and have them diagnosis it.

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