Eurovan Camper 1999

Has anyone figured how to keep the engine light from coming on whenever you add gasoline. I’ve replaced the gas cap, turned it, clicked it, filled the tank completely, not filled it completely…no matter what, the engine light comes on and can stay on for 1000 miles (just tested that on a road trip). Is there a sure cure for this issue.

Also…is it true, if I have a spare under the van that I’ve never used…could it have dried out and gone bad?

I assume the system is detecting a air leak in the fuel system. It would be nice to know what code is showing up that causes the CEL light to turn on. There are a number of components within the fuel system that can cause that kind of problem besides the gas cap. A faulty seal with a solenoid perhaps is one thing. There could be an electrical issue also. Knowing what the code is will help in pinning down the suspect.

As far as the tire goes, I’m sure it is possible that is has degraded to a point that using it might be a problem but not for certain. It would be a good idea to at least take it out and inspect it. If it has never been looked at and still has sufficient air in inside to work that would be pretty amazing.


You most likely have a problem with the evaporative emission system

Somebody will have to retrieve fault codes, diagnose and repair the vehicle

The spare tire is probably rotted out by now. Even if it did hold air, I wouldn’t trust it