Ethanol Fuel

I live in South Central Pa. and drive a 2003 Explorer 6 cylinder 4wd. This car was built to run flex fuels. I have found that I can now get ethanol fuel 85% ethanol & 15% regular gas. IWhen I used regular gasoiline I was getting about 100miles plus to the quarter tank. Overall I was getting about 20mpg city and highway combine out of a full tank. Since I have been using the ethanol blend I have noticed that I am still getting about 100 miles to the first quarter tank and about 300 miles to the tank overall. I can get the ethanol for as little as $1.99 to $2.59 gallon compared to $3.00 plus a gallon. It is pretty much of a no brainer about the price. The mielage is the puzzler. If anyone has any suggestion or comments about how to improve my mileage (other than getting rid of my guzzler) I welcome them.

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