Ethanol and old VW Bus

I put gas with ethanol in it in my 1971 VW Bus. Does anyone know if it will hurt my engine?

If it’s E10, you should be OK. If it’s E85, put E10 in the microbus when you get to a half tank for a few fill-ups to provide a better ratio of gas to alcohol. I don’t know where you live, but you can’t get gas without ethanol in any major metropolitan area.

Just curious if this is the first tank of gas since 1973? It will not hurt the engine but may have a negative effect on o-rings and other rubber type compounds in your car, more specifically the carburetor. A bigger concern would be the use of unleaded gas and the valves.

Not the engine, but it might damage the fuel system. The fuel system in your vehicle, steel lines/rubber parts were never designed to handle any concentration of ethanol. So these components can be damaged by the corrosive nature of ethanol.

However, there are somes states that provide non-oxygenated (no ethanol) gas to those who have older vehicles where ethanol can cause damage to the fuel systems. Check with local street/hot rod clubs in your area to see if they can provide a list of gas stations that sell non-oxygenated fuel. Here in Minnesota, the Minnesota Street Rod Association provides such a list.


Also, you get less power with the ethanol and you need all you can get!