Error code P0456 on 07 PT Cruiser

I have an 07 PT Cruiser with 34k miles. Just the other day my check engine light came on. I brought it up to Auto Zone for a scan. The reading came up P0456 twice with no other errors, indicating a very minor leak. I was wondering if this could be caused from someone bouncing the car from the back. I’m asking because I had a near full tank of gas and one of the guys at my work thought he was being funny by sneaking up and bouncing it from the back passenger side. If this could be the cause of the error code will/should it go out by it self or will I need to take it in to get the code cleared? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The code indicates a small leak in the EVAP system.

Try this. Remove the gas cap and apply a little petroleum jelly around the seal of the gas cap, and put it back on and tighten it so that it clicks three or four times, and see if the Check Engine light goes off. If it goes off, that was the problem. If the Check Engine light comes back on after a short period of time with the same code, replace the gas cap.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll definately give it a shot. Call me crazy but I love my PT.

Your PT Cruiser is covered by a warranty for this stuff at least a few more years and miles. Have the dealer fix it under warranty. If they refuse to cover it under warranty, let us know, especially what the dealer claims, and we can help further.

Great to know, thanks for the advice. I’ll definately let you know what happens.