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Error code 14, 41, and 35 on 1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ

A friend of mine has 1995 Jeep Cheroke XJ. He lives abroad. He asked me if i could figure out what error messages of 14, 41, and 35 and how to fix them.

any suggestion or directions for me to proceed in this research is appreciated.


Go to this site for the definitions of the codes: You will see, there, that you can ask questions of dedicated Jeep mechanics.
Your friend needs to be proficient (or, know someone who is) with a multimeter and following the wiring diagrams of the “Engine Management System”. Changing parts and hoping that something fixes it won’t work.
S/He, also, needs to put any problems the engine has into the diagnosis. It can’t be done using only the codes.

These codes seem to point to a problem with fuse #2 in the fuse panel under the hood. There may be a bad connection somewhere beyond the fuse if the fuse is good.