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Erratic alternator

I’m on my third alternator in two years on 97 T-100. This one is now making me nervous as needle on gauge often moves far to the left indicating barely charging but so far has miraculously bounced back each time just before stranding me out on the highway. The insulator on cable end attached to alternator is fried as I believe the earlier ones may also have been. Any ideas? Thanks…

A burned termination happens when there is a bad connection and that causes excessive resistance in the connection. Then the high current passing through the resistive connection generates heat and it burns the connection, making things worse as time goes on. You may need to replace the alternator again if the damage is done to the alternator also. The output lead also needs to be reterminated at a point where the wire is good again. This may require a splice connection. If so, make sure it is done properly.