Episodic starting failure

2005 Envoy XUV (V8) Occasionally will not start. No pattern, new battery; all electrical devices working. No sound when engaging key to start, no solenoid click. Always starts normally after waiting about an hour or so. Has been at dealers for weeks at a time, but always starts so no problem ever found; but it still fails to start (on average once a week)

When this happens, try shifting from ‘park’ to ‘neutral’ and see if it starts in ‘neutral’.

Thanks. I did try that; in fact try it each time and once that worked, but only once. Tried using another key and that also was not effective. Only time (about an hour, sometimes less) restores it to “normal”

Check battery cables (both ends of each cable). I would suspect the solenoid. Does this happen after trips long enough to get the engine fully heated or maybe a little over heated?

Thank you for suggestion. I did check (even cleaned and reattached cables) but no difference. It occurs sporadically and may be very short trip or a longer one. Solenoid has been checked and supposedly is OK

See the post, “'96 integra with intermittent Trouble starting”.