Engine won’t crank when it rains

My daughter has a 06’ Santa Fe.
When it rains the engine will not crank. This could be an overnight rain or rain for an hour. It makes no difference if the car was driving or sitting.
The battery is new. The plugs and wires are also new. All the lights/radio work in this scenario.
It makes no attempt to start. It is not that the engine turns over and doesn’t catch. You turn the key and absolutely nothing happens.
After it dries out for a few hours it starts right up.
Any ideas? I assume it’s something in the ignition?

Next time the engine fails to crank over, I’d crawl underneath with a digital multimeter and see if the appropriate starter terminals have battery voltage with the key in the start position

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Shift the transmission into neutral, and then see if the engine starts.


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Thanks for the reply. No luck, in neutral or messing with the shifter.

Good idea, thanks!

Try pushing the front of the ignition switch in while turning the key. also spray a little lube in where the key goes in if you can.

This is the lock lube that I recommend:

You seem to have a fails-to-crank problem. Pretty common complaint (& not just that car) by posts here. I don’t recall any posts here for fails-to-crank being related to rain. But I had something like that happen on my Corolla a few years ago, stopped for gas in big rainstorm, wouldn’t crank after the fill-up. Turned out the battery + connector was loose. Ask your shop to remove/clean/properly re-connect the + and - battery connections. If you notice any lights (dashboard, interior, exterior) going noticeably dim during attempted cranking, the battery connection theory is even more likely.

If that doesn’t work, db4690’s idea is a good next step.

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