Engine wiring harness

Hi, My 2003 Dodge Caravan is shutting off while I am driving, starts up ok but goes a little and then shuts off, has to cool down all day and night to go about three miles, got a diagnostics done and it says I need an engine wiring harness and controller. My question is, is there a curtain part of the harness or wiring that could be bad that causes it to shut off, and what part would that be, can it be repaired instead of replacing the whole harness and wires?

Thank you

There is no code for a wiring harness. Post the actual code (P0xxx) for more information.

3024 or 108843 not sure if these are the code.

To answer your question, I do think the problem could be fixed without changing things and the problem is just due to a bad power connection somewhere. But to be fair I am not the one working on this problem. I can tell you for sure that if those things are done it is going to be a pretty big bill for you to pay.

If I was working on this I would first check for an electrical power problem in the wiring. I would find out where power isn’t getting to while the trouble is happening. Apparently it is occurring for some time so it shouldn’t be very hard to track down using a factory service manual for a guide and a trusty meter. You may want to try and find a shop that specializes in electrical repairs and see what they say about this issue. One other thing that comes to mind about this problem, have the shop check for a faulty ground connection in the area that is having trouble.

Please keep us posted on the progress of this issue.

The code will start with a P followed by 4 numbers. Is your check engine light on or flashing? When it shuts off, does it just quit suddenly without warning or does it start to sputter or lose power just before the shutdown?

When it shuts off, it does both – sometimes it just quit suddenly without warning, however, more recently it starts to sputter or lose power just before the shutdown?

It will help if we get a valid code (P0xxx). Without that we are flying blind. Often those codes will have a recommended maintenance that says “or wiring” not “and wiring”. If it is the wiring, you can usually see the damage. It would be from something like mice eating the wiring or a small electrical fire where the wiring melted.

We did get a (POxxx) code, but throw away the paper after the problem was fixed, it was the sensor and that was replaced and the check engine light came off, but the van still continues to shut off after that was done, so we realized that was not the problem.

I assume the controller module they were talking about replacing is the PCM module. One thing I didn’t think about in my last posting is to see if there is a relay in the power circuit for this. If there is then dirty contacts inside it might be what is causing the problem. The condition you describe sounds a lot like an electrical connection heating up and causing an excessive voltage drop that is killing the power. It could be on the power side or the ground side of the circuit. I would focus on the PCM area for the problem.

Thank you for your response, we will check that out and I will let you know if we got the problem resolved. Thank you

You’re welcome for the help and hope it helps you out. Keep us posted on the progress.