Engine trouble 02 sts / transmission trouble

Hello everyone when I drive my car some time the engine will shitf from (d) to D (1 or 2) without me roughing the shifter. When this happens I notice the Rpm’s jump and remain at the number 3 untill I slow my speed down to about 12mph. In order to stop this I pull the car over and shitf into park for a few seconds then drive off, this works most of the time but I may have to repeat it 2-3 times. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. P.s there is no trouble coads and the car has 81 k

It sounds like the transmission may be putting itself into limp mode. It does this to minimize further damage when it detects a problem.

Have you at least checked the transmission fluid? It needs to be at the right level, nice and red, and not smell bad. What is the service history of the transmission?

Take it to a reputable, local transmission shop. There are plenty of codes that get “hidden” from the driver and the typical OBD-2 system. Many of those are transmission codes. You need an experienced transmission tech to get it on the appropriate scanner.

If you end up with trouble codes after you can post them for comment.

Thank you I will let you know

Are you saying that the gear INDICATOR on the dash is changing from “D” to “1” to “2” by itself without you moving the gear shift lever?? This can be easily checked with a scanner that shows live data. This will tell you whether the mode switch is operating properly.


If it is forcing itself out of overdrive it probably has a TCC or slippage issue. and going into default . In default it should only have 2nd and reverse I think. I would think you’d have a MIL light. Next time you get in your car cycle key up and make sure Check Engine or MIL light works.

Thank you Transman, and yes it’s the dash that reads the change. To day I noticed if I pull the shifter from park all the way back to d(1), then to drive ( so far ) the issue will not occur. Transman I have another question if the mode switch is malfunctioning will that cause the engine to malfunction ?

Thanks ednc878991 I know the SELight works because I just had a air pump installed to pass NYS inspection. On the dash there is a ABS and traction control light on at all times. I am just trying to narrow Dow the main problem be fore I go to the shop, and pay to fix a problem that is not my main issue don’t have the extra cash lol

Hey guys I went into an transmission shop and they could not find a problem with the transmission but they did find the engine mount is broken. The guy thinks when the engine shifts or moves around it pulls on the shift link cord causing the car to act funny. Thank you