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Engine: to replace or not to replace? that is the question

At what point do you just decide that the car is just not worth further investment? I drive a 99 Legacy wagon that was originally my father’s car. The engine (2.2 liter) is gone, caput, was hoping it was just the timing belt, but apparently there has been more damage. I am currently getting an estimate to replace it with a used engine and awaiting the $$$ figure. But am toying with getting rid of the thing as-is, not investing any more into it. However, I just had a brake job done and a new starter put in to the tune of about $1000. Sound like a catch 22?

Get another opinion on the engine. The 2.2L is NOT an interference engine, so if the timing belt broke there should not be internal damage.

If, on the other hand, the engine is a 2.5L . . .

How many miles on the car?

When you can end up with a perfectly good used car ( yours ) for price of the engine job, it’s worth it. Compare to buying another car, new or used, and your budget for the total. Also consider the potential future repairs yours might need.

For me, if my 92 Explorer needed an engine, I’d put in the engine because of these reasons and keep it.