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We discussed this about a decade ago when the technology was relatively new, and what I discovered was that the stop-and-start systems are not the same as a manual starter. They use a more robust starter than what we have in normal cars.

…and in my experience it takes very little time to get used to them. In a hybrid they make no difference in how the car responds when you press the accelerator. The car still moves immediately.


It’s ironic that lawnmowers have the "stop/start feature so that when you release the handle the engine stops. One has to pay more for a mower with a blade/brake clutch where the engine keeps running when you release the handle to pick up a stick in front of the mower. With cars, the stop/start feature increases the cost. I guess the advantage on a mower is that it strengthens one’s right arm muscle.
I defeated the stop/start feature on my mower. The cable from the handle broke and my mower is so old s replacement is no longer available. I have no idea how I would defeat this feature on a car.
The stop/start feature on cars seems to me to be a stop gap feature until battery technology improves and battery powered cars become commonplace or the hybrid becomes a standard feature.


The dealer can’t legally turn the autostop off. An aftermarket tuner can turn it off, but aftermarket tuning will void your warranty.

I’m not schilling for them, but you can search “autostop eliminator” on your internet browser. They sell a device that defaults the autostop to off for around 100 bucks, I think. This would be the route I’d go, I think, as it doesn’t mess with factory programming really - I think it just reverses the switch. They should have more info on their website on exactly how it works.

I knew the 2.7 came with autostop since 2015. I thought the other engines didn’t get it until 2018 (apparently I was wrong). That’s the reason I assumed you had the 2.7.


Permanently Disable Auto Start Stop?


That certainly seems like it would permanently disable it. I have and use ForScan because it gives me diagnostic functions on my Ford I cannot get elsewhere.

I would take notes to make sure you could reverse what you did if it didn’t work. Beware.


Video caveat: “only do this if you know what you are doing”.
No, I do not have the computer skills to attempt anything like that!
Even to the point, trying to download pictures FROM my phone to my PC, I inadvertently UPLOADED pictures from the PC to my phone.


Yeah you got that right. He lost me at about the third click of the mouse. The senior center here has started a program where they bring in high school kids to mentor the old folks on working with technology like pictures. I’m not a member but the kids would be worth a whole lot more to me than the $10/hr they make at Arbys. I’d even pay an on-going retainer.


Up until about a month or so ago, I had no idea my Mustang had this tech. I was looking up MPG figures on fueleconomy.gov and saw that it said my car had that feature.

Never noticed anything different, my AC didn’t shut off, my music kept playing, didn’t notice any changes in the exhaust sound.


Huh. Could that be because the exhaust is simply a recording or because the stop/start isn’t working?


The only thing I noticed on the Cruze I rented was the total lack of vibration or sound when waiting at a stop with my foot on the brake. Then the car accelerated smoothly with a very pleasing amount of torque.


No idea, honestly. It could be that I was just simply hearing my music playing and not listening for any thing else. As I said, I didn’t even know my car has it until very recently.
I mentioned the start-stop thing to a buddy of mine at work and he said we’ll have to test it and pop the hood some time and find out.


Or you could just look at the tachometer that I think your vehicle has.


Yep, though it isn’t so much a regulation not allowing auto-stop/start to be disabled, but rather if it can be, then it can no longer be used in the EPA fuel economy test. And to the automaker, if they can’t count it in their mileage numbers, then there’s no point in having it.


> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k159M8QhCIE

A fact is a thing that is known to be consistent with objective reality and can be proven to be true with evidence


Yep, take the EPA regulators out of the picture and make it an extra cost option. See how many people want to pay the $250 extra cost for the option to save a half a tank of gas every ten years.


Where did you come up with those figures?


Read the comments on the youtube.


It saves gas in the type of driving that has the worst MPG - urban stop and go, when engines are idling a lot and providing no forward movement. And because it reduces idling time, it helps reduce the harm to air quality in dense urban areas, and the bad health consequences of that.


You’re citing figures and your reference amounts to anonymous comments on a YouTube video?

[snort] [chuckle]


Don’t spit up your milk on your keyboard. I assume you have substantiated real world figures from actual drivers? Thing is though, even if it does save gas, I really don’t care if it saves even ten gallons a month. I don’t want it. I could save gas by taking a motor scooter or walking, but saving gas is not the point of it all.