Engine stalled

I’m looking for help with my van. Today the engine started to stall and then wouldn’t accelerate. It ended up dieing and now it won’t even start. It smells like something is burning but nothing is smoking.

It needs to be looked at. Heck, we don’t even know what make, model or year it is!

Regardless, there are an entire range of possibilities from lost spark (100 possible reasons) to a broken timing belt (1 possible reason…neglect!) to lost fuel pressure (a dozen possible reasons including a dead pump and an empty tank).

Sorry. We have no information to work with here.

Get down close and sniff the catalytic converter. Is the odor stronger, there? If yes, you may have a catalytic converter which has partially clogged and overheated.
Has the gas mileage been poor, and the van have poor acceleration, and poops out when pulling hills?

It’s a 2001 dodge caravan. Most of the feedback I’m getting is the catalytic converter. The gas mileage hasn’t been as good as usual but I’ve had a longer commute lately. Thanks for the info…

Why would a longer commute affect your gas mileage?

More gas sure,but not less mpg.