Engine rod or flywheel

I got a knock coming from the engine… But here is the catch… I have great oil pressure… No mixture of fluids… Oil change with no meatal… SOme people say it is a rod… BUt i can get this thing up tooo 120 with no problems… BUt when car changes gears in mid drive… Between every gear change it is a knock but as soon as car changes gears knock goes away… BUt if car sits idle in park knock comes back… any guesses everybody I got video proof too… http://www…uHoenIexoY

Bent connecting rod due to hydraulic lock from a head gasket leaking antifreeze into a cylinder? I have seen that happen once and it sounds a lot like that. The bottom of the piston skirt was striking the crank counterweight at bottom dead center due to the slight shortening of the bowed con rod.

It’s either that or it’s something else.