Engine replacement in car

If I’m putting an engine in that has 70k miles on it compared to my (now old one) that had 180k. Do you recommend changing anything on the one I’m going to be putting in? It’s obv used. 3.8 L not supercharged

If it has an egr mounted in a difficult to access place, make sure everything associated with all that is in pristine condition, all the paths underneath the egr are cleaned of gunk etc. I’d also put in a new water pump, and consider a new starter motor as well. Any job that’s lots easier to do with the engine out should be considered. Suggest to at least take a look under the timing cover.

The crankshaft seal.


Especially the rear.

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Maybe oil pan gasket along with those crank seals.

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Also freeze plugs.

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No interest in finding why your cyl has low compression? Stubborn

Also the front seal on the transmission. Look very carefully for any cracks in the exhaust manifold before you install the engine. If you don’t want to replace the water pump, look at the weep hole in it and see if it is stained coolant color.

The reason may have been stated on the inspection invoice but not understood or just chose not to share the information with you. There are some who believe an engine with 175,000 miles is not repairable so that may be a factor.

The front pump seal (a.k.a torque converter) should always be replaced. The last thing you want to have happen is to install the engine and discover transmission fluid gushing out due to an aged seal getting damaged during the install.

Make sure you are on the same page with the shop about what is going to happen if that used engine turns out to be problematic. Salvage yards may guarantee the engine and will gladly trade it back again but will not guarantee labor.


He replaced trans already with low mile unit. They changed seal when they did trans.

lol … All those are hard to argue with suggestions. That’s the problem with any intense car job, very tempting to expand the scope. Almost impossible to resist.

Reminds me of the episode on Counting Cars, one of the staff simply wanted to get their restoration running as quickly cheaply as possible, a pragmatic restore inother word, then used as a daily driver. Danny said “There’s no way you’re going to do that!” … sure enough, by the time the car was done nearly every plan to stick with only what is needed had been voided. The end result was a pretty cool car though.

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A poster has 09 accord with problem cyl. He could use good fix also.

Folks have made some great suggestions. Definitely agree on the front seal on the transmission. Better to deal with now rather than later!

Do mechanics even want to install a used motor? Seems like a great way to have issues. A cheap car owner and a used motor with issues.

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Spark Plugs. Once installed, the spark plugs are a bear to replace. Be sure to use at least double platinum, but if you can get Iridium/platinum plugs, do that.

3.8L with the plastic upper intake manifold? Replace the upper manifold (they wear out) and reseal the lower intake.

Spark plugs and wires, water pump, thermostat, “L” shaped coolant connector pipes at the front of the engine. Obviously belts and hoses and flush the radiator.

Before the work is begun check the A/C for proper operation and any leaks. Any A/C components that need to be replaced will have much easier access with the engine out.