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Engine Replaced Now Continues to Overheat Please Help!

I feel like I’m at the end of my rope. This past May I went out to breakfast only to come home and find a neighbor took the corner to fast and flipped his car on top of mine in front of my house! (To this day he maintains he was going only 10-15 mph)He landed on the passenger front side of the car, there was extensive body damage and the axle broke. I was told the car will most likely be totaled…instead they went ahead with the repairs, half way through the repair process they noticed the axle puntured the engine and it had to be replaced. Insead of totaling it they replaced the engine with a used one. Since getting my car back, I have had soooo many problems. But mainly with the engine over heating. The Multi-Function Transaxle Light keep coming on and at one point my engine shut off on I-95 when i was going 50 mph, it jolted, the engine lights went on and then I was coasting. The collision center, where the work was done, picked up my car ran tests, came back with nothing was wrong! Then I took it to another mechanic who said there was just a problem with the fan relay, which was replaced…and I paid for since I was told it was not related to the engine work done… However my car keeps over heating mostly when Im in traffic or stopped, but now Im noticing it even when im driving. My question is these problems have to be related to taking out the engine and completely replacing it right? Please help…I don’t know much about cars at all and really feel like I’m being given the run around. PLEASE PLEASE help!

You surely are being run around. But you need a lawyer, not a mechanic. God only knows what is wrong with your car at this point.

I’m in agreement. If this guy whacked your car hard enough to break an axle and shove it through anything this car is in serious trouble and should have been declared a total in my opinion. Odds are this car has some problems that you’re not even aware of; yet.
Time for a lawyer.

Going 10-15 MPH huh? That sounds like the hokey story here some years back when a well off gentleman here got his Ford GT-40 wrecked on an 8 mile stretch of lonely highway about 10 at night; and this car was NOT one of the new ones. This one was the real deal; an original all out race car running on race fuel on public roadways.
The car went out of control and took out a shade over a 1000 feet of barbed wire fencing and roadside scrub trees before coming to a halt. The car was shredded; the driver was in good shape. According to the state trooper he was traveling “35 MPH at the time of the accident”. Bunk.

The other guy is NOT the issue here. Your car was damaged beyond repair and you should be compensated for it’s fair value or given a replacement vehicle of equal value…

Japan does this MUCH better. ANY major collision damage that deforms the structure of the car in any way automatically TOTALS the car! The car can not be repaired or resold. It’s finished. In order for a half-shaft to be driven through an engine case, the structure of your car was severely deformed. Demand a cash settlement and give them the car…