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Engine rebuild (lifters)

I’m putting a new head on a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. When I put the push rods back in I noticed that both lifters on cylinder three are down. Is this normal or do they need replaced?

Down how? The pushrod socket internally collapsed? Then yes. If the lifter body itself is low, it may just be on the lowest spot on the cam. Pull one out and see if the lifter is flat and the cam lobe is damaged.

This might be normal, especially if the crankshaft/camshaft is oriented so that cylinder 3 is on its compression stroke. Have you tried manually rotating the engine with a socket/ratchet to see what happens?

No I haven’t the piston is at top dead center though

I pulled them and visibly didn’t see any damage.

If it’s top dead center of the compression stroke, both valves would be full closed.