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Engine question

Is the A/F Sensor and the catalytic converter considered as engine parts? I appreciate the help. I need to replace my A/F sensor and my car is still under warranty but the warranty only covers the engine only and I am not sure all what is considered “the engine”. Most likely not what I need to fix. Many thanks.

The A/F sensor is required by the engine’s computer to make the engine work right. But, mechanically speaking it is not part of the engine. So you need to consult the actual documentation for the warranty. They get pretty specific. Is this the original manufacturer’s warranty from Toyota? If so, then I’d say it should be covered and you should be asking your local Toyota dealer.

If you mean that you have some aftermarket warranty then its likely that almost nothing is covered (once you get through all of the fine print).

If you mean a warranty on something like a rebuilt engine then its probably not covered.

What’s the year, make, model, and mileage? Factory warranty?

Strictly speaking, the Air Flow Sensor is not part of the engine.

Neither is the catalytic converter, but that part is warrantied for 8years/80,000 miles save for cases of damage or misuse.

Warranties list specific part numbers or groups that are covered.
With the part number in hand, the service writers can tell you if it’s covered yes or no.
Final answer.

( I have a lot of questions on my own warranty concerning “hybrid specific parts” being covered. Seems my definition and theirs differ here too. )

I would think that they would include in under the “engine” category even though its not ON the engine per say. Its part of the engine and engine exhaust system…I guess if they were going to split hairs they could weasel around it but… I would think its covered no?