Engine problem



My jeep overhears when I drive on the highway or if I turn on the a/c I replaced the hoses the radiator the metal fan the fan clutch the auxilary a/c fan the thermostat the waterpump and added an extra auxilery fan and it still overheats the teachers at my school have not helped me and I’m walking to school 10 miles every day because I don’t want to break my truck I have added a snorkel lifted it 4.5in and have 31x10.5in tires but it worked fine while it was in the US but when I brought it to puerto rico it worked fine for about 4 months now I know it runs at 210 the dash says it’s running at 180-190 but the heat is so bad inside I can’t drive it and the floor by the transsmission is like a frying pan I’ve replaced so many things I don’t know what else to do


How do you know that the engine coolant runs at 210F degrees? THAT’S not overheating. Normal engine coolant temperatures are between 210F and 240F degrees.
If the heater core is putting out too much heat, you could block the heater hoses to prevent water flow through the heater core.
The floor might be getting hot because the exhaust is too close to the floor, or the catalytic converter is burning fuel that an overly rich engine isn’t burning.
The engine needs to be in good tune to burn the fuel efficiently. An engine coolant temperature sensor which sends a wrong signal to the engine computer will lead it to order rich fuel injection, and might not turn the radiator cooling fans on.
Have you noted the radiator fans running when the engine is hot?


Okay your not understanding the truck normally operates at 210 but the truck get so hot that the hood side front panels floor and even the winch bumper get so hot you can’t touch them and there is no way the winch bumper should get hot the auxilery fans start up right when the engine starts the temperature sensor says 180 at a stand still and 210 with a/c and when I drive the needle drops to 180 then goes to the red 260ark in about 3 minutes when you drive without the a/c and about 1 minute with the a/c on I changed the radiator thinking it was clogged and I also changed the water pump the hoses heater core fan fanclutch and auxilary fan at the same time and I added a extra auxilery fan that is connected to the a/c so they turn on at the same time now the hood gets so hot you can’t touch it without having gloves made for ovens on your hands the muffler is not located next to the transmission it is on the passenger side and the floor is hot even where the gas and brake pedals are the teachers who are supposed to be mecanics don’t know anything about my car and I bought a new coolant sensor and temperature sensor from the jeep dealer by my house so unless they gave me the wrong one they should be working is there a way of knowing if they are working right


There’s something else going on here. I’ve had cars and trucks overheat, and I NEVER had the hood or bumper get too hot to touch. The steam released when you open the hood is very hot, but the hood surface, not so much.

Your focused on the engine making all this heat, but your engine just doesn’t seem to be running hot enough. I wonder if there is some sort of electrical ‘eddy’ current heating happening here. How is the engine grounded? Is the body properly grounded to the engine and electrical system?


Any chance this vehicle could have a clogged catalytic converter? A clogged cat can overheat the floorboard (along with setting the carpet on fire) and can also cause the exhaust manifold(s) to overheat, which can then warm up body panels, firewalls, and whatnot.

I’ve seen engines cooked and even a few with paint blistering on the hood because of this problem.
Does the gasoline down there could have something in it which could lead to converter clogging?


Ok I know for a fact that the entire electrical system was replaced and all electrical equipment is operating correctly the muffler is 2.5in big and has a factory cat converter and I don’t thik it is clogged because the o2 sensors read normal according to my computer scanner and the engine runs without a single noise it’s so quiet that if you unplug the electrical fans you have to look at the dash to know if it is running but what strikes me weird is that after I drive it I can leave it off for about 6 hours or more and when you open the hood the engine is to hot to touch but the dash reads as if the engine was completely cold but my question stands how is the engine overheating if I replaced the radiator,the water pump, the fan and fan clutch, auxilary a/c fan, the thermostat, the hoses, added a extra auxilary fan, changed the tempeature sensorand coolant sensors, and I have changed the o2 sensor I don’t know I use regular fuel it probably contains ethenol but in the us I used fuel containing ethenol and nothing ever happened