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Engine oil top off help

Hi guys!

So, we recently traded my wife’s Nissan in for a 2017 Subaru Legacy 2.5L limited. She loves the car, but I noticed that it was about 1/4 quart low on oil at about 2,500 miles after my last oil change. We have the oil changed at Subaru - OW-20 synthetic (their brand). Do I need to use their brand to top it off, or can I use any OW-20 brand to top it off until my next oil change?

I will be having Subaru look at this issue, but it seems like it’s common with these engines. We have the FJ series, and I thought the problem would have been worked out by now. Guess I was wrong ):

Anyway, before I do something I shouldn’t, please let me know.

Also, when topping off, do I just pour some oil in slowly then keep checking the dip stick? Do I need to start the engine at any point?

Sorry, I’m a newbie to this. I’ve never had an engine burn oil like this.

You don’t know that it’s burning the oil yet. It might be leaking the oil. Or the guy changing the oil might have stopped the flow a little early.

Were I you I’d top it off, then keep an eye on it and see if the level drops.

Pretty much any brand will do - I probably would avoid the stuff at the dollar store, but other than that, use whatever’s at hand.

If you know it’s 1/4 quart low on oil, just put in 1/4 of the bottle and then check the dipstick after giving it a few minutes to drain down to the pan.

You don’t need to start the engine for this. Make sure it’s not running when you’re actually putting the oil in or you’ll make a mess.

Oh, come on Jman. You have been here long enough that you should have read some of the many oil threads. Yes you can mix brands of oil , just use the proper weight. Just pour some in let it settle for a minute or so and check it.

Perfect! Thank you!

As much as I should, I hardly get a chance to read the threads on here. I know, I should be better informed. I’m sorry ):

So by my math the engine is using a quart every 10,000 miles. That is WONderful! You have NO complaint what-so-ever if that is the value that continues. Some manufacturers say one quart every 1000 miles is still OK.

No Worries, but read your owners manual, it will tell you how to check your own oil. Which you should be doing at least once a week until you determine how much the engine actually does use.

And, if the OP considers the consumption of 1 qt of oil per 10,000 miles to be excessive, then I just don’t know what to say…

I just saw it was low that’s all. I’ll top off, and we are good to go. Thank you!

1/4 quart, anything less than a 1/2 qt under I wouldn’t bother with.

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There’s no oil consumption issue at all. Only one quart down over 10,000 miles is better than most cars, even those in perfect operating condition. As far as mixing oils, imo it is best to stick to the same exact oil or at least an oil that meets the required specs from the same brand. Every manufacturer has their own oil additives, and sometimes the additives are not entirely compatible, brand to brand. It’s not something to lose sleep over, but next time you purchase some oil buy the same exact brand and type that was used for your oil changes. All of the major brands make excellent quality oil, but to reduce the chance of additive problems, once you decide on an oil brand, stick with it.

I hope you’re wrong, George. I had a partial 5 gallon jug of Supertech synthetic 5w30 and a partial 5 gallon jug of Havoline conventional 5w30 sitting on the shelf. To save space, I poured them into the same jug Saturday, making myself a nice 4.5 quart jug of SuperHavTech synthetic blend 5w30! I’ll use it in the Buick I drive to work. I don’t think anything short of full on abuse can kill a 3800 V6 anyway.


I am with Scrapyard John on this. I don’t think you are going to hurt an engine by mixing oils, if both oils are individually suitable for the engine.

Re: switching oil brands

Like I say above, not something I’d lose sleep about. Here’s one experienced auto-repair expert’s opinion on the subject fyi.

“Different brands often use different additive packages and these may not be compatible. For instance if you use Mobil do not switch to Valvoline or vice versa.”

Being an experienced auto repair expert (who I never heard of) does not make him an oil expert. If anyone has any test data that proves that mixing brands is harmful I would love to read it.

Hey, didn’t mean to start an argument about mixing oil brands! I just wanted an excuse to say “SuperHavTech synthetic blend”.

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lol … no worries. Just discussing things is all. Everyone is welcome to voice opinion here. I’ve noticed there are a couple of car-topics that folks here often hold strong opinions about, oil change methods and waxing technique. You are right, SuperHavTech does have a sort of ring to it … :wink:

Oil brands, weights, types, and change intervals always seem to ignite arguments that rival religious or political discussions. “You’re destroying your engine by not changing your oil often enough!” “No, you’re ruining the environment by changing too early!” I’m not sure why people seem to get defensive about engine oil vs. transmission fluid, coolant, etc. There’s no “Bud is the coolant guy” forum, is there? :laughing: