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Engine oil color change

I have a 2008 Nissan Versa with 9k. I’ve had the dealer change the oil every 3k. I’ve noticed that after a few hundred miles (not thousand) the oil is a dark amber color. I’m sure the dealer changed the oil because it was a light honey color just after the change.

This has not happened on other newer vehicles I’ve owned.

Any ideas about why this occurs?



That just means the oil is doing it’s job. I would more concerned if the oil didn’t change color.

Motor oil starts getting contaminated the first time the engine is started. Combustion blow-by contaminates the oil. That’s why you get it changed. Do you know what brand/type of oil the dealer uses?? (why would you go to a dealer for an oil change?) Some oils change color more quickly than others according to the base stock and additive package used, so your question is difficult to answer.

There is a special web-site for oil obsessives, You might find happiness there…


Thanks very much for the replies.
(The only reason I go to the dealer for oil changes is to make sure there are no warranty issues if I have a problem during that time. I once owned a 97 F150 that developed bottom noise on start-up and Ford wanted to make sure I’d had all scheduled oil changes at a Ford dealer before they’d honor the warranty. And that replacement engine had the same problem, so they had to replace it, too. They weren’t happy about it and my guess was they were looking for a way out.)
I appreciate your help.