Engine Mystery


I have a 83 Chevy S-10 that had its engine replaced about 6 years ago with a used one from a salvage yard. There is an identifying number on it however the GM parts specialist I spoke with claims that it is not one of theirs. My question is, with this engine ID number, how can I found what type of car it originally belonged to?


Did this truck use an Isuzu engine? If so, it is possible that the used engine was taken from an Isuzu, not a chevy.


Hmm… the Isuzu theory is a possiblity, but if it was an engine that came in the S10, I’d imagine the Chevy guy should at least be aware of it. Is it possible that the guy just meant “not one of thiers” as in not a genuine GM replacement motor?

Why don’t you try posting the number?


A '83 S-10 probably was an Isuzu truck bumper to bumper.


I’m the one who replaced the engine. It came out of a Blazer, '95 I think, 2.8 V6. Here’s the number: A071028010. The man at the Chevy dealer near me says a GM engine will end with 3 letters. I don’t know anything about it being an Izuzu engine but I could look into that possibility.