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My 2004 MDX light came on, checked by ind. mechanic as misfiring valves. Was told by Acura dealer safe
to drive it in to dealer ship to have it checked. They came up with same diagnosis, was told the valve needs
to be adjusted. Dealer said you will not see any difference while driving with the engine light on but can
cause major problem if not corrected for $950. Was told this problem is somewhat normal for my auto?
Any advise. Thank you.

Yes typical Honda - get fixed quick before you burn up a valve and hope you have not already burnt one - Honda’s ( Acura ) need valve adjustments every 100000 miles.

Most if not all cars that don’t have hydraulic valves need their valves adjusted periodically.

The problem isn’t with the variable torque management system, right? I ask b/c you include VTM4 is your post.

Assuming it has nothing to do with VTM4 … hmm … first off, “Misfiring valves” isn’t a valid shop diagnosis. You must have misunderstood what they said. Engine misfiring can be caused by valves that aren’t seating properly, in which case ,yes, you need to have them adjusted. Note that adjustment may not be enough to fix the problem, esp if it has gone on for any length of time. In that case you’d need to have what is called a “valve job” done.

Valves can also be “mis-timed”. That can be caused by problems in the variable valve timing mechanism. Are you sure that’s not the problem you have?

$950 seems a bit steep for just a valve adjustment procedure. I’m seeing a little over 3 hours labor to adjust both banks. Either they bill at $300 / hour or they’re doing something else beyond just a valve adjustment.