Engine light is on...then off 2 days later


I have a 03 jeep grand cherokee and this is the 4th time my engine light came on. In the past it has turned on for 2 days and then goes off. I took it back to the dealer to get it checked out and they say they can’t because the light is not on. This car us used and I got it in July and when it was 48k but this isn’t even November yet and it only has 55k.

To top it all off, it now lurches forward when I accelarate and when I brake…needless to say this is not fun.

Does anyone know what is going on and what I can do to fix it?


Even if the light goes out, the computer still retains the trouble code in memory. Go to a parts store, and get the codes scanned anyway. At least you’ll know why it went on in the first place. It could be related to the lurching problem.


A dealer who does not know that the code is stored even after the light goes off is not someplace I would take me car back to. BustedKnuckles (no relation) is right. Take it to any auto parts store and they will read the code for free. Then, if they don’t know what it is, check the internet. Google will bring back an explanation for almost any code.


Hi there,

You can access the codes yourself by cycling the key on off a few times (without actually firing up the engine). When you look at the odometer you’ll see codes listed there. For example, P0303 - which means cyl #3 misfire.

You can get the meaning for the codes at the Allpar forums - just find the Jeep section and post your questions there. You’ll have to register, but it is worth it.

Here is the website: http://www.allpar.com/forums/index.php?&&CODE=00

Allpar forums will very likely have a great group of people to give you the advice and direction you need. They’ve helped me out with my Caravan.

Good luck.