Engine knock on 1995 Avalon

If parked with a slight lean to the left off level. the engine knocks like a metal to metal bangingon starting in the morning. If parked on the level no such thing happens.Toyota dealer says he doesn’t know the cause.

Park it on a lean, pop the hood, put your head under it, and have someone start the engine. See where it seems to be coming from.

It’s possible that one of the heat shields, perhaps the one on the cat converter, is rusted free in such a way that it’s barely touching a neighboring component when you start it. It’s possible that the exhaust system is hanging in just such a way.

Also, with a starboard lean, the front of the engine is uphill. Perhaps something there is getting worn out, has a bit of axial play, and is making a noise.

no idea. park it level.

I’m going to guess that when you park it slanted a certain way, that the anti-drainback valve in the oil filter isn’t coping with it, and you’re hearing noise until the filter can refill and oil pressure comes up. A different brand of oil filter may be all you need to solve this problem. Wix seems to make a good filter and using one of theirs solved this for me.