Engine heaters and fuel mileage


Does anybody know if using an engine block heater in the winter will improve short trip mpg. I drive about 5 miles one-way then shut down for at least 4 hours. MPG really suffers during the winter. Now that the weather is warmer the mpg is back up. Thanks


Yes,most definitly.The modern engine fuel injection system,reliese greatly on engine coolant temperature.If you can eliminate the warm up ,you will cut fuel consumption. The next worry should be your exhaust system,short drives are death on exhaust systems.You should own an electric car.


It’s perfectly normal for everyone’s mpg to suffer in winter time. Part of the reason is the increased warm-up time and another reason is due to the winter formulations of gasoline.

Yes, an engine block heater will improve your cold-weather mpg by reducing engine warm-up time. Of course you will lose those gains when you get your electric bill, but the charges are better hidden.

It will help and it likely will be good for your car, but it will not change the fact that you are going to get less mileage in the winter.  Different fuel mixes and the temperature do that.


Yes, your mileage will improve. I have used block heaters fro years, and the mileage drops when I can’t plug in. Other benefits are longer battery life, longer starter motor life, longer engine life, and much quicker warm-up so you can see out the windshield sooner.


it will help the start up, and the warm up time will be shorter and better for the engine, but it won’t help mileage. the first start in the morning will be easier, but once you go somewhere, and shut down, after a half hour, or more, it will be a cold start like usual. so you may see a slight uptick in mileage, but not really.

it would be different if you had a plug at every stop, then it would always be warmed. but that probably wont happen