Engine gurgle when going up hill


1995 ford Escort Wagon - i hear a gurgling sound when going up hill. there is no loss of power only the gurgling noise. any ideas on what it is and how to fix it (in


There is air in the engine cooling system. There may be a coolant leak, internally, or externally. Check the level of the coolant in the cooled radiator. If it’s down, it would be a good idea to have the coolant system pressure leak checked.


You probably have air in the heater core. It is sometimes hard to blead the heater core because it is above the radiator tanks. So you may have to remove the upper heater hose; hold the hose higher than the radiator; fill the cooling system until water comes out of the heater core and hose; and then connect the hose quickly so as not to lose coolant. If the problem returns, yo0u may have a leaking head gasket pushing combustion gases into the cooling system.