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Engine cuts off while driving

I have a 95 Buick LeSabre. The problem is that it will occasionally and without warning cutoff while driving. So far it has always restarted immediately afterward. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


I would suspect the trouble being due to a bad connection in the ignition switch first. There may also be a bad connection in the ignition wiring.

My guess would be a failing ignition module.

thanks for the answers, I forgot to add one other detail, on a couple of occasions, when I went to start the car, the security system did not recognize the key and locked itself out for a period of time, after which I was able to use the key. This has happened with two different keys, both of which are original keys.

With that added information I’m going to suggest the key cylinder.

For a security system, GM used to use a system that measured the resistance of a chip in the key. If that resistance wasn’t within parameters it would disable the ignition. The problem with this system is that it read through the key body and internal cylinder contacts, and as these became worn and dirty the contact resistance would add to the key chip resistance and the total would be out of spec. I think they were still using that system in '95, but someone here might correct me on that.

I think you may have a worn out key cylinder.